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Living By Default

How was your day yesterday? How are you doing today? How will be your day tomorrow? You say,  it depends. Depends on how the day goes by. You go with the flow. You are like a rudderless boat swinging on... Continue Reading →


Wise Dog

Is truth absolute? No. It depends on how you perceive it, interpret it. You fashion it as per your needs. Truth is very much personal. It is different for each one of us. Try talking to the people about how... Continue Reading →

Knowing when to Quit

In a beautifully written article for New York Times, aptly named as 'Deliverance from 27000 Feet', John Branch talks about death of Indian mountaineers at Mt. Everest. He details out the effort of bringing down the body from the mountaintop and... Continue Reading →

Remote Outpost

You are a soldier. You show up every day as you have been doing your entire life. You train hard. You are always ready for the moment. Problem is that moment never arrives. There is a war raging on the... Continue Reading →

Book – How to Live Every Day

Hi, Have just published a book on Amazon - available on Kindle & paperback in few days. It is on the topic close to the heart. It is about finding meaning and purpose while we get lost in hustle and... Continue Reading →

Outside Income

Issac Asimov wrote nearly 500 full-length books in his life. He has also written over 90,000 letters while keeping a monthly column in the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction for 33 years between 1958 and 1991. He also kept his job... Continue Reading →

Ocean of Mediocrity

Look around. You will see people who have given up on themselves. They look like the ones for whom ship has already sailed. They take pride in sitting on the shore rather than being in the waters. It is too... Continue Reading →

Hanging by the thread

Suddenness of death or illness is one of the mysteries we are still not able to decode or digest. We take so much pride in elaborate planning and small achievements. Often, it makes us arrogant and self-centered. But we do... Continue Reading →

Two plus Two equals Five

In a remote little town of India, there lived two very close friends named Ram and Shyam. They loved to go out drinking together every other day. On one such long drinking session, Ram proposed to Shyam," Hey, let us do... Continue Reading →

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