Most SaaS companies neglect key aspect of marketing i.e. Digital Marketing.

Even though they are generally ahead of technology curve as compared to click-n-mortar companies, it is surprising that digital marketing is totally missed out in reaching out to the customers.

Digital marketing has obvious advantages over traditional marketing in terms of lower price/ extended reach out to the customer. It is also fairly obvious that customer who plans to buy SaaS product is going to have fairly good understanding on technology and most likely be using multiple digital channels to reach out to your company already.

As a SaaS startup early in the game, its important to have digital  strategy on your brand.

Typical digital strategy for SaaS start-up should include following key points.

  • Digital marketing tools –
    • How your brand is searched across web ? Are you using SEO/SEM (Search engine marketing/search engine optimization) tactics ?
    • What is your visibility within same category ?
    • Use Web advertising tools including re-targeting, display and video
    • Email marketing – Do customers signup on your site ? How do you keep them engaged ?
    • Enhance Media coverage – Industry specific blogs, reddits
  • Web Site
    • How it rates against performance, analytics, visitor action prompts ?
    • Is Search and Navigation tuned to customer requirements ?
    • Do Web Pages provide key information ? For example, if you expect customers to pay via credit card, multiple options to payment channels/wallets to be supported. Should also contain geographies you are serving if you are not global start-up yet
    • Can customer manage to do social sharing ?
    • Does it offer Downloads and demos ?
    • If you are working with resellers/partners, does it offer partner/reseller locator ?
  • Mobile
    • Does Mobile site includs geo-location, compatibility, load time ?
    • How is your tablet experience including compatibility, responsiveness, Touch Input optimization ?
    • Are you using Mobile search & advertising ?
    •  Do you have mobile Apps presence and app-store presence – iOS and Android included ?
  • Social Media
    • How are you using these social media channels –
      • facebook – reach, action prompts, responsiveness and videos
      • Instagrams – brand mentions
      • YouTube – Brand Search Visibility, Viewership, Performance and Optimization
      • Twitter – reach and engagement, Campaigns
      • Other social media – snapchat, linkedin, Tumblr etc.

While it looks enormous job considering limited set of resources generally available with start-up, it also provides long term payback to have overall digital strategy tuned to customer requirements.

Finally,  what you sell to the customer is brand, rather than piece of code(or product).