There is mythological story of Eklavya  in Mahabharata.

In the Mahabharata, Eklavya was the son of Hiranyadhanus, who was King Jarasandha’s army commander and leader of the Nishadhas. He approached Drona to tutor him in the arts of war, especially archery. Drona was a Brahmin teacher working under the employ of Hastinapur to teach the young Kaurava and Pandava princes martial arts.

Drona was quite impressed by Ekalavya’s sincere desire; however, he soon discovered Ekalayva’s background. Foreseeing political circumstances that would engender from training a member of an army that was in opposition to Hastinapur, Drona turned him away.

Deeply hurt by Drona’s rejection, Eklavya still didn’t give up on his resolute will to master archery. He once stayed hidden in the forest while guru Drona was teaching the Kaurava and Pandava brothers, after they left to the ashram, Eklavya collected the mud on which his Guru walked, as a symbolic gesture of want to follow his knowledge and foot steps, later he went into the forest and made a statue of Drona under a big old well grown tree. He began a disciplined program of self-study over many years. Eventually, Eklavya became an archer of exceptional prowess, greater than Drona’s best pupil, Arjuna. He accepted the statue as his guru and practiced in front of it every single day.

This story highlights one of the key aspects faced by many of the founders.

Start-up always begins with an IDEA.

IDEA is typically defined by –

  • Market need/gap/white space
  • Solution to address that gap identified – which is –
    • Executable by founding team’s skill sets
    • Saleable by existing resources – time/money
    • Usable/identifiable for end customers without extensive training/knowledge

While most of the founders can easily identify gaps and/or even outline the solution to address it, you will need mentors/coaches/gurus or the guys who have done it before, to make that solution in real life. It is like delivering a baby with help of gynaecologist. While it is easy to get pregnant, to deliver a baby, you will need skills of the doctor.

For idea to come into life, you will need to have professional help/coaching to guide on how it is done. If it requires to invest in it upfront, be assured that it is worth it.

While founders focus on idea/market gaps during initial stages, always spare a thought for execution and subsequent coaching you will need.

Whether you get that coaching like Ekalavya or Arjuna, depends on your choice and network you have built so far.