Charlene li in her HBR post makes case that Enterprise Social Networks are not as popular as they have thought.


Lured by public social media over last decade, most of the enterprises bought into the promise of having similar collaboration and sharing within enterprise space. While promise of such open/freely sharing collaboration within enterprise has been great, it appears that nobody has been able to crack magical formula for the same. In that context, it is still early days for enterprise social networks. Above study pretty much highlights same plight of numerous enterprise users on-boarded to such networks en masse , but hardly participated. It appears that most of the enterprise users are just content to use emails / chat engine to achieve collaboration in their day-to-day work.

On the other hand, SwoopAnalytics has recently released benchmarking report on Enterprise Networks based on study done in 15 companies using Yammer. While it is really small mass to make reasonable conclusion, it at least shows the way in which such enterprise networks can be measured. With clear focus on ROIs within enterprises, it shows the way via such investments can be measured.

Here are the key performance metrics from same report.

Engagement Aspects

Here are numbers against same metrics for groups surveyed.



As Cai Kjaer observes in the report, most of these metrics are way off the typical numbers. With limited information in this space, we really do not know typical benchmarking numbers for social networks within enterprise space. While, we can take some cues from public social networks in terms of posts/reply ratio or percentage distribution of Engagers/Catalysts etc, it is still early days to set up benchmarks and asses them.

That makes it more interesting to anticipate future changes in ESN (Enterprise Social Networks) space. At least, we know that existing tools are not working to the extent.

*If you need full copy of report, you can request one from SwoopAnalytics.