Internet started with words. Anybody who could write the words and produce great content around it , has used it to build web pages.  It was easy to create and edit content on the web after all.

Later, pictures got added – static ones to begin with, embedded in web pages. It added more color and fun to web browsing.

Advent of camera enabled cell phones , means you could click more pictures than you can even sensibly manage. With social media in the mix, you felt more need to share the photos/images often.

While, images/photos needed very little editing, it was easy to share. Since everyone have a camera in their mobile phone to catch the ‘moment’, it exploded on the web.

Compared to it, videos are much more difficult to create and edit. While most mobiles have capability to create videos, good quality videos are still at large. It takes rather different skill to create really impactful video.

So far, web user had only prominent place to manage videos – YouTube. Amazon now seeks to disrupt it with recent launch of  VideoDirect  .

Who wins in this game ?  – Content creators/producers.

Do not be surprised to see few years down the line – everyday tools available to create great quality videos and share it on web. Would be as easy as you search specific terms on Google today.

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