It is always interesting to browse Web Archives and see how it all looked in early days of internet.

From today’s standards, it looks crappy and functionality minimal at best. There is one thing that stands out though.  Value proposition of internet giants has remained consistent through-out , like Google for Search, Amazon for E-Commerce.

During first wave of internet (pre-2000), companies were involved in laying the groundwork. Second wave came in 2000 onwards, when companies used internet to build applications/software on top of it. Third wave kicked off in 2010, causing enhanced  business participation and internet enabled services (including App economy).

Here is how internet looked in ‘old days’ 🙂

It all started in 1991 with World Wide Web Project in CERN Switzerland.

WWE Project 1991

Yahoo came in 1994, so was flood of similar web sites in same period.

Yahoo 1994

Altavista search engine came  in 1995.

AltaVista 1995

Amazon started selling books on Web in 1995.

Amazon 1995

AuctionWeb (eBay) started in 1995.

Auction Web EBay 1995

Here is how Google looked in 1998, as part of Stanford project.

Google 1998

Paypal kicked off in 1999.

Paypal 1999

LinkedIn came into existence in 2003.

LinkedIn 2003

Thefacebook (later termed simply as Facebook) kicked off in 2004.

TheFaceBook 2004

Here is how YouTube looked in 2005.

Youtube 2005

Twitter started in 2006.

Twitte r2006

Dropbox came in 2008.

Dropbox 2008

Pinterest came in 2010.

Pinterest 2010