If you have trouble in juggling tasks set up during your workdays,

If you are not able to finish what you started often,

If you are confused between short-term and long-term demands of work/life,

If you are not able to complete what you set out to do at beginning of your day,

If you have tried whole bunch of productivity tools and still not able to get around tasks,

BulletJournal is interesting solution for day-to-day productivity needs. It does not offer ready-made solution, rather gives away ‘open productivity framework’ which you can adopt to your needs. It is also community based model, which means that it is continually evolving, thus getting better and better.

It was developed by Ryder Carroll, product designer out of Brooklyn, NY.

Check out these great videos. It is also lesson on how to convert something as simple as ‘Journalling’ to be visually appealing concept.