All trees are green – is significant understatement. If you look closely, there are shades of green – dark or light. Some might even turn pink as cherry blossom hits in winter, even though they appear green at the moment.

Most of the organizations make same mistake tagging all customers as ‘Green’. Their products are designed for ‘Green’ customer. They do not understand difference between dark or light green. Then, ‘light green’ customer complains , so is ‘dark green’ ones. Organizations try to convince the customer (& themselves) that  they are all green.

Then, someone launches the product for only ‘Dark Green’ customers, so all those customers switch to new competitor. Same thing happens to ‘Light Green’ customers. Other organization still keeps on wondering why customers are not buying our products though its addressed to wider market of all ‘Green’ customers.

It is important to acknowledge that diversity exists in nature (& in market) and it’s perfectly alright to ‘not meet’ specific customer requirements. If you try to accommodate everyone, you become like huge mountain who can not move, while every nimble-footed competitor dance around you.