Imagine a game of football where there are no rules. Only objective is to put the ball into the goal post. You can not stand down and have to participate actively in the game. You can cheat or play fair, it’s up to you. Well, there is referee, but he is passive one. He will not get involved unless someone is seriously hurt.

How do you play such game ?

Well, one way is to be like everyone else. Be right in the middle of action, take blows and give some. If you get hurt, so be it. Be focussed on end objective and achieve it at any cost.

Other way is to define your own rules – the rules that match to your value system – like you will not cheat. You will play fair. Well, it might reduce your chances of winning, but you are ready for it.

Key point is – you can only choose to play by your rules or some one else’s. The moment you make that choice dynamic (depends on situation), you are in trouble. Afterall, you can not say,” Well, I have my own rules, but I will apply them selectively”.

Cognizant learnt it hard way recently.