How do you introduce yourself ?

Most of the people introduce themselves by the organization they are employed with, by the role they are playing for the company.

Does it describes you totally? Obviously, not. Your work is only part of your identity. For rest of the time, you might be great dad, or passionate book reader or even trail runner. You might even be compulsive shopper or captain of local cricket team.By giving undue importance to working hours, we often tend to ignore importance of the rest of the day .

Consider that you have been bestowed with three days of 8-Hours each. One day is called ‘Rest day’ when you can sleep or rest. Other one is called ‘Work day’ when you work for an organization. Third One is – let us call it ‘Your day’ during which you can do whatever interests you – you can pursue your passions/interests , spend time with your family/friends or even work for some community initiatives – possibilities are unlimited. After ‘Your day’ is only for you.

The moment you lose significance of ‘Your Day’, ‘Work day’ becomes longer and longer. It starts eating into ‘Your Day’ and then starts defining you.

Then, you start introducing yourself as ‘I am so and so, working for XYZ company’. That should ring alarm bells.