In the world of minipreneurs, everybody is part of organization – big or small, working for someone. They spend their day by clocking hours for organization they work for. Some do it passionately, some do not. Some go through it like the daily grind, and some simply treat it as the challenge.

One thing is common among all of them.  They are convinced about higher purpose – which can not be satisfied just by being diligent worker in some organization. That is the thing that keeps them moving, helps them to get through the day.

As evening falls, something changes. They turn into super-humans. Some volunteer for social initiatives, some go and teach in night-schools, some program computers and build cool things, some get their hands dirty in electronics,some catch up with their hobbies,  some simply watch whole activity from the sidelines and be amused with it.

It is totally different economy in the evening – not the one that’s driven by protocols or money. It is driven by passions, interest and connections. In this world, people are driven not by compensation, rather by desire to connect and contribute.They are not afraid to fail , experiment or learn.

As world sleeps, they return to their regular selves. Everything becomes normal again, only till next evening.

Funny thing is – you never know when you make a switch to minipreneurial world. It just happens.