How many people start their day with the thought that I want to change the world today ?

Mostly , none.

You would argue that that’s incorrect premise to start the day – after all we all are bound by constraints – personal or professional.

All words like making an impact or change the world would sound as cacophony if one is already struggling to go through the grind everyday.

I simply do not have time , you would say. Enormity of changing the world would weigh you down and you would rule it out as impossible.

Correct statement would be – I want to change MY world for better. What makes your world ? People you interact with, activities you do everyday, all small things you often overlooked.

If you strive to make YOUR world better everyday, your circle of influence will become wider and wider. One fine day, you might do something that would make lives of lot many people better.

If it does not happen, at least you are making lives of people around you better.

That is by no means small achievement.

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