Why would someone pursue teaching instead of programming ? Why would you choose to do what you are doing instead of something else ? Why would you slog over the weekend to complete your dream project instead of watching television comfortably on couch ? Why would you wake up early in the morning and exercise, while rest of the world sleeps ?

What really drives people to pursue certain activities instead of comfortable options ?

Like mailman in Movie Everest says,”There’s an elementary school, back home. And I’ve been going and talking to the kids there and they actually helped me raise some of the money to come and gave me a flag to plant on the summit, and…So, I was thinking, maybe it’s…They see a regular guy can, you know, follow impossible dreams, maybe they’ll be inspired to do the same, I guess.
I’m climbing Mount Everest because I can. Because to be able to climb that high and see that kind of beauty that nobody ever sees, it’d be a crime not to.”

Whole movement of life is often puzzling as it’s not always clear what drives people to do things.

One thing is for sure.

Human beings are always driven by need to contribute and be recognised. It makes us feel Important – be part of the team. Social media serves the same by the likes you got or followers you have.

What happens when organizations ignore such basic lesson of psychology ? Some people complain and get thrown out for dissent. Smart ones simply look outside and see ocean of opportunities.

*Photo is from Badwater Ultra Marathon – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Badwater_Ultramarathon.