Evolution is painfully slow process, honed over thousands of years with checks and balances built into our genes and behaviour.

Evolution has always given preference to survival over intelligence or smart decision-making. In ancient worLd, you could easily get eaten if you wait for comprehensive analysis of current situation. Better option in that case was swift decision-making – either fight or flight.

Thousands years ahead, we are in the world dominated by large-scale systems (whether you call them – governments, multi-national corporations). With scale, cometh the complexity. If you add such complex scenario with the amount of the information available, it is enormous task for primitive brain of ours who is still closely tied to its ancient origins.

Let us take a simple example to prove this point.

Imagine you are an employee working in remote office of multi-national corporation. How could you grasp market forces in play and react appropriately? Correct answer is you can not, even though same forces will directly impact your current pay or even career growth.

How would you survive in such environment?

Key lesson is same what our ancestors learned rather hard way – Adopt yourself.

Whether that leads you to greener pastures or pack of lions, is sheer luck.