BBC recently published an article which talks about increased ability to focus by remote tribe in Namibia. Psychologists did the experiments with Himba people to establish how modern working culture is influencing our ability to concentrate.

Since,  Himba people are almost untouched by modern ways, they provide important baseline to the psychologists. Since, most of psychology experiments are conducted in universities with students familiar with modern ways, this experiment provides way to validate same theories in the field – across different cultures.

Here is what they found.

More cluttered your environment, less your ability to focus or concentrate.  As it is evident, such ability is important to excel at work or in life.

Modern ways of life are filled to the brim with such distractions – whether you call it social media or shopping centers. Such cluttered physical or virtual environments directly impacts our ability to concentrate on task in hand, thus output at work suffers.

How do you counter such distractions ?

Try to prune them consistently, be aware of such distractions and work on focusing on task in hand. It means, multitasking is strict no-no, so are the open-work spaces even if you are the big fan of it.

If that does not work, go totally off-grid – to a place where people can not find you.