Imagine a million years from now.

Young archaeologist from that era is looking at evidences on how people lived in 20th Century – how they communicated, how they grew up and died, what were the problems they faced with and how they solved it. He would be keenly interested in the tools they used and how they collaborated.

One of the piece of evidence he would have – The Internet. Obviously, he would get bogged down by sheer data available on the internet.

He would most likely conclude that sheer amount of data available to the people in 20th century via internet did not necessarily make them more intelligent, smarter or even more collaborative.

Why so?

He would conclude that people in 20th century spent significant amount of time on social media without much value in return. Did it led to better collaborations ? Better decisions or productive work life ? He would doubt so.

Probably , archaeologist from Million years would never understand why people in 20th century would get onto Twitter and throw abuses at total strangers and troll them. It would not make sense to him at all.

Does not make sense even now.