As technology encompasses larger and larger areas on our everyday life, is there any place for faith ? Where does that leave us ?

Faith has always played central part of human history  – whether it’s onto personal god or government or even science. It led us to bloody war  but it also took us to the moon.

With uber-technology in everything we do, we believe in whats presented to us. Reality is not driven by facts, but by popular opinion expressed on unnamed masses on twitter or carefully engineered news on Facebook.

Whats wrong with that, you would ask ? That makes me aware of the world I live in, you would think.

It also gets to your doorstep crimes or twisted realities purported elsewhere in front of you. Does that make you intelligent or smart ?

I think, its time to get real. Have FAITH in Reality – Real world, real people, real friends who can make you laugh .

Its time to ‘Smell the roses’ , not tweet about it.