Imagine beginning your day with hundreds of emails. Like samurai, you wade through each of them as if your life depends on it.

You go through them in details and take action or non-action. Some of them are about corporate initiatives you hardly bother. Some of them are about the surveys that promises to be done in five minutes but takes an hour once you started. Some are just FYI,  CC , BCC and what not.

Only a few qualify for your urgent attention. But you never know which ones till you go through whole crap. It means that you spend almost entire working life just addressing emails.

That’s what we call ‘Work’ in corporate parlance.

Emails were born out of necessity to collaborate across geographically disperse teams in multiple time zones, sort of asynchronous communication. As organizations have gone global, emails became ubiquitous and now pretty define what we do at work.

So, how do we handle barrage of emails – hundreds of them every day ?

First thing to go out of the window is niceties – if there are any etiquettes to write emails, they are history.

Emails have now become very much functional – just like we chat on social media – brief and to the point.