After three months hiatus, it’s good to be back to the writing board. While it gave me lot of time to think over and catch up on reading  and long distance running, it seems that world has not really changed meanwhile.

Trump is still tweeting about everything under the sun.

Mr. Murthy is still unhappy about fuel bills of Vishal Sikka’s jet.

Shit has finally hit the fan at Infosys with board members squabbling in the public.

America is still paranoid about racism and all other minor issues.

Kim Jung Un is still firing missiles.

Russia is still involved in espionage.

And finally, IT industry is still worried about the automation and new trends in IT (digital, cloud, analytics etc.) which supposedly appeared on horizon five years ago.

In general, things that have been around for long, will likely to remain even longer.

So, expect fun to continue forever and just enjoy the show.