In a remote little town of India, there lived two very close friends named Ram and Shyam. They loved to go out drinking together every other day.

On one such long drinking session, Ram proposed to Shyam,” Hey, let us do a bet”.

“What, ready.” Shyam was excited about it.

“Let us do a simple one.”

“Ok.” Shyam quipped.

“Tell me, what is One plus One ?”

“Two, what rubbish !!!” Shyam said.

“Ok, now tell me what is Two plus Two?”

“Four, isn’t it ?” Shyam asked.

“No. It is Five. I can bet Rs. 100 for it.” Ram said confidently.

“Ha ha.. you gonna lose this one. I can bet Rs. 100 for it as well.” Shyam affirmed.

Shyam continued to tease Ram over such a foolish bet that he would lose. Soon, they headed home almost drunk.

As soon as Ram reached home, he called over his wife.

“Hey, do you know I bet with Shyam for Rs. 100 today?”

She looked up curiously.

“It is actually very simple matter. I betted against fact that Two plus Two is Five.”

Ram’s wife could not stop laughing.

“Are you crazy? Whole world knows that Two plus Two is Four. Even small kid knows about it.” She asked.

“I know.” Ram said calmly. “I know that Two plus Two is four.”

“But am not going to agree to it with Shyam. Where would the bet go if we do not agree on correct point?  Nowhere. So I will keep my Rs.100. Do not worry about it and go to sleep.”

That is how public discourse plays on social media. Pissing contest starts and common sesne takes backseat.