Look around.

You will see people who have given up on themselves. They look like the ones for whom ship has already sailed. They take pride in sitting on the shore rather than being in the waters. It is too risky, they say.

You will see them chasing the induced highs, running intoxicated with money across the street.

They look like zombies charging across the each other as if they are sworn enemies – online and offline.

They are generally part of the tribe. They take pride in it and attack anyone who is outside the tribe. Another point of view is simply not acceptable in their world. Their view is the world view. Period.


You will see them everywhere – on the street, in the office, in the government, offline as well as online.

They appear very friendly. They will also invite you and be part of their tribe. They want you to be just like them – Mediocre.

You offer them help. Help to get out the rut and be human. They decline and shout at you for being prejudiced.

How does one survive being surrounded by ocean of mediocrity ?

Resistance is not an option. More you fight, they appear to grow stronger. Afterall, they love a good fight.

Another option is to face them with sense of calm and leave them to their fate.

When you tell them that it does not affect you, they become perplexed.

It is the question out of the syllabus for them.