You are a soldier. You show up every day as you have been doing your entire life.

You train hard. You are always ready for the moment. Problem is that moment never arrives.

There is a war raging on the border. You eagerly anticipate the call to serve the nation, to be part of the battle. That is how you define your life, your purpose.

Problem is that – you are manning this remote outpost. You are like that drone pilot who is watching the action on the monitor calling out the strike remotely but never hit the ground.

You yearn for action at more personal level – all that drama, uncertainties, human emotions, pressures and stress associated with it.

Unfortunately, you never become part of it. Never intended to be. You spend your entire life on that remote outpost, wondering what war will be like, what is like dying the battle, what it means to be seeing the enemy eye-to-eye.

What is the point in the life of a soldier who never faced the battle blues?

You wonder whether should I proactively seek the battle or just accept the reality. Most of us prefer the later. Since it would mean less effort and retain the status quo.

Problem is that – you are never the same old soldier again.