Is truth absolute?

No. It depends on how you perceive it, interpret it. You fashion it as per your needs. Truth is very much personal. It is different for each one of us.

Try talking to the people about how they drive. They will tell that they are best drivers on the road.Try talking about their religion, their gods, their beliefs. Try talking about their culture, way of working, habits. It is a source of truth for them. Once you take that position, every other position will appear to you as fake, pure imagination, since it’s not YOUR TRUTH.

Kahlil Gibran puts it nicely.

One day there passed by a company of cats a wise dog.
And as he came near and saw that they were very intent and heeded
him not, he stopped.
Then there arose in the midst of the company a large, grave cat and
looked upon them and said, “Brethren, pray ye; and when ye have
prayed again and yet again, nothing doubting, verily then it shall
rain mice.”
And when the dog heard this he laughed in his heart and turned from
them saying, “O blind and foolish cats, has it not been written and
have I not known and my fathers before me, that which raineth
for prayer and faith and supplication is not mice but bones.”